Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

The Fire Farm is now the Northeast Distributor for these ready-to-use finished aluminum kitchen cabinets by Challenger Designs. Although our history focused on outdoor kitchens finished with stone, the benefits of these modular units were too great to pass up!

Challenger Designs’ outdoor cabinets are all aluminum, rust free, and feature an outdoor-rated powder coated finish for low maintenance that lasts a lifetime. Choose from hundreds of cabinets and accessories and create the perfect layout for your space.

View In-Stock Kitchen Configurations and Pricing

The Fire Farm's in-stock program speeds up lead times on popular kitchen configurations. Skim through our Sample Kitchens Book to see different configurations and estimate costs. We stock these particular cabinets to get you a kitchen fast, but if you don't see exactly what you need, ask us about custom options.

Get a Free Outdoor Kitchen Sketch

Complete the following steps to receive a free sketch and quote for your dream kitchen:

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Affordable Outdoor Cabinets for Storage or Kitchens

Custom-Kitchen-3d-Rendering-Outdoor-Cabinets-powder coated

Go From Your Sketch, To A 3D Model,
To Your Perfect Kitchen

Challenger Outdoor Kitchen
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    Light Weight

    No need to pour a foundation in your backyard. These outdoor kitchen cabinets are perfect for your deck or rooftop due to the light weight powder coated aluminum finish.

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    Want your outdoor kitchen by the pool during the summer, but on your deck in the winter?  No problem. These cabinets can serve as a portable outdoor kitchen island. Our Coastal series has the option to upgrade to swivel casters and swivel locking casters.

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    Use your kitchen within an hour of receiving it. Our pre-designed Coastal kits are ready to use after being unpackaged. Custom kitchens can also be assembled within hours of delivery. 

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    Cost / Construction

    With less prep work, and less finish work, total price points for these kitchens are much less than a masonry built outdoor kitchen. Kitchens can be assembled in a few short hours.

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    You have the ability to choose the size, layout and color of you outdoor cabinetry to best complement your outdoor living space. Our design team will help you through the process all along the way!


Integrated Back Panel


Powder-Coated Textured Black Drawers


Integrated Shelf System


304 Stainless Steel 9" Pulls


304 Stainless Steel Adjustable 4" Legs

Choose Your Cabinet Finish


Choose Your Door Style

Pan Style


Shaker Style


Choose Your Counter Top Finish


Choose Your Handle Style

stainless handle
black handle

Pre-designed Outdoor Kitchen Configurations

Challenger's Coastal Kitchen units are pre-designed, so they can save you money on your outdoor kitchen project and are your speediest option to a working outdoor kitchen. Coastal Kitchens are designed to fit most 32" grills, but be sure to specify your grill before ordering. These systems are set up for a 20lb. liquid propane tank with a cut out under the grill but can work with a natural gas set up.

Coastal 80.875 WGDDDD

This 80" one-piece Coastal kitchen unit includes a waste bin with a drawer above, a gas grill base to fit most 32" grills, and two door/drawers with dual adjustable shelves.

Poolside Aluminum outdoor kitchen

Coastal 93.125 WGRDD

This 93" one-piece Coastal kitchen unit includes a pull out waste bin with drawer, a gas grill base for a 32” grill, a 24" fridge opening, and a single drawer/door base.

93 inch Coastal Aluminum Outdoor Kitchen
Coastal Aluminum Outdoor Kitchen with room for grill and refrigerator
Coastal Series Aluminum Outdoor Kitchen

Coastal Series

A beautiful aluminum outdoor kitchen ready for entertaining
Seaside Aluminum Coastal Kitchen

Find the right Coastal Kitchen configuration that works for you. These cost-effective units are one piece so you can install and be cooking in about an hour! Just take it out of the box, level with Challenger's self-leveling feet, attach the countertop, install your grill or appliances and you're good to go!

Coastal 67.25 GWS

Gas grill base, waste bin with drawer above, with sink base. On demand water system available.

Outdoor-Aluminum-Kitchen-Cabinet-Custom-Layout-67.25 GWS
Outdoor-Aluminum-Kitchen-Cabinet-Custom-Layout-67.25-open drawers

Coastal 67.25 DDGW

Grill base, waste bin with drawer above, door drawer w/adjustable shelf


Coastal 67.25 GWDD

Waste bin with drawer above, gas grill base, door drawer with adjustable shelf, sink base

Outdoor-Aluminum-Kitchen-Cabinet-Custom-Layout-73.5-grw-open drawers

Coastal 73.5 GRW

Grill base, 21.5” refrigerator opening, waste bin with drawer above


Coastal 80.875 WGDDS

Waste bin with drawer above, gas grill base, door drawer with adjustable shelf, sink base

Outdoor-Aluminum-Kitchen-Cabinet-Custom-Layout-80.875-wgdds-open drawers

Coastal 90.125 WGRDD

Waste bin with drawer above, gas grill base, 21.5” refrigerator opening, door drawer with adjustable shelf

Coastal Aluminum Outdoor Kitchen with room for grill and refrigerator
Coastal Series Aluminum Outdoor Kitchen

Coastal 90.125 WGRS

Waste bin with drawer above, gas grill base, door drawer with adjustable shelf, sink base

Coastal Series Aluminum Outdoor Kitchen with room for gri

Coastal 64 KDDW

Ceramic base*, door drawer with adjustable shelf, waste bin slide out with drawer above.

Can be built to fit the following grills, specify upon order

  • Large + Extra Large Big Green Egg
  • Large Kamado Joe Classic I + II
  • Primo Kamado + 300
  • Large Grill Dome
Outdoor-Aluminum-Kitchen-Cabinet-Custom-Layout-64-open drawers

Coastal 83 GDK

Grill base, door with adjustable shelf, ceramic grill base

Ceramic base fits the following grills, specify upon order ◦ Large + Extra Large Big Green Egg

  • Kamado Joe Classic I + II
  • Primo Kamado + 300
  • Large Grill Dome
Outdoor-Aluminum-Kitchen-Cabinet-Custom-Layout-83-gdk-open drawers

Outdoor Kitchens on a Deck or Rooftop

Challenger Aluminum Kitchens are lightweight and therefore perfect for installing on a deck or rooftop. Choose a predesigned Coastal unit for an easy option, or bring your particular idea to life with a custom layout. Send us a sketch, or give us a call, and the Fire Farm team will guide you through our outdoor kitchen process and craft your own unique outdoor kitchen design to meet regulations and apartment size. Read more...

A feast cooks on the burners of a Saber grill

Finish off your outdoor kitchen with a Saber Grill

An outdoor kitchen isn't complete without a great grill.
Read our blog to find out why we chose Saber grills. Their patented infrared grilling system is truly something special — it's like having high-end steakhouse cooking in your own backyard!