SunFire Masonry Trash Drawer

Limit your need to return into the home while keeping your outdoor space neat and tidy! The SunFire Masonry Trash Drawer adds functionality and convenience to any outdoor living space.  Consider masonry accessories when using applying thicker veneer to your outdoor kitchen cabinets.


The SunFire Stainless Masonry Trash Drawer is one of the most popular accessories installed in outdoor kitchens. The additional flange makes it ideal for any application where a thick veneer may be used, ensuring your stainless sits flush. 

Masonry Trash Drawer Features:

  • Model: SSTD-M
  • #304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • 1 ¼” Return on Flange for Rock Islands
  • Double-Lined For Extra Insulation
  • Drawer open and closes smoothly on the ball bearing track
  • Cutout Dimensions: W: 18 ¼” H: 24 ¾” D: 20 ½”

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