Cold Storage Options

The number one reason to add Cold Storage to your outdoor kitchen; it gives you the ability to stay outside, rather than walking back and for to the refrigerator. Cold storage helps create a custom flow that allows you to be outside enjoying the party rather than running back and forth and feeling like you missed the whole party at the end of the night. Our products are all made with 304 stainless steel. 304 stainless steel is the industry leading stainless steel because it is nothing but stainless steel. Some lesser quality steels have a plyboard inside of the frame and the steel sheet is wrapped around the board. This gives you the look of 304 stainless steel however, technical problems may occur and ware and tear will surely happen in years to come.

With a selection of refrigerators that have two drawers, a single drawer, venting in the front, digital thermometers, and locks in both 21" and 24" selections, kegerators for a single or double tap, wine coolers, small and large ice chests, beverage sinks with bottle openers, chopping board, and beer holder, top mount and undermount sinks all give you the ability to choose your dream kitchen. These appliances work for both masonry kitchens and powder coated aluminum kitchens.

At Stone Farm, we know an outdoor kitchen is an investment and just like other investments you want a return on your money. Buying our products will give you that return you are looking for for years to come. Our products are backed by a limited lifetime warranty and are designed in the USA.