Benefits of Stainless Steel Access Doors

Many outdoor kitchens are beautiful to the eye, however when the user becomes familiar with it in a couple years, they realize that the usability could be better. We promise that if you create an outdoor kitchen with us, you will not have this realization-EVER! Our stainless steel access doors have a magnetic latch to keep doors secure and animals out. Our products have reversible door mounting, and ergonomic curved handles for comfortability and luxury design. Not to mention, they have a life time warranty as well.

When plumbing such as, propane tanks, natural gas hook ups, or water systems, are involved, you will need access to the inside of your kitchen. Access doors allow you to have a sleek design while providing functionality and storage to your kitchen to truly make it a custom kitchen for you entertaining needs. Our 304 stainless steel access doors come in single access doors, double access doors, and mini doors, vertical and horizontal applications. Our masonry line allows for greater ease of installation for thick veneer with a 1" stainless steel flange around the door frame.

It is important to note that besides the technical installation difference between masonry and non masonry, their is a slight aesthetic difference between the two as well. While non masonry doors sit slightly inside the veneer our masonry doors sit on top of the thick veneer. Please refer below for the difference in appearance between non masonry access doors and masonry access doors. While appearance is our top notch priority, we also pride ourselves on the structural integrity of your kitchen and will work hand in hand with you and your contractor to decide which is the better application. 

Difference in Masonry Versus Non Masonry Access Doors

Non Masonry Stainless Steel Access Doors
Non Masonry stainless steel cabinets and grill
Masonry Stainless Steel Access Doors
Masonry outdoor kitchen stainless steel cabinets and grill