Masonry Outdoor Kitchen Vent

Masonry Outdoor Kitchen Vent are important addition to any outdoor kitchen as they allow air flow within the kitchen cabinet system. Without vents, the kitchen will not be able to breathe and can cause malfunction in years time. 

At Stone Farm, we understand that not everyone is an outdoor kitchen island expert. We listen to your needs and take your wish list to create a 3D rendering of your dreams; However, designing your kitchen is only the first part of the process. We pride our self on creating products that will last a lifetime- and then some.

The second part- if not the most important part- is the structure of the kitchen. This includes the application of our Masonry Outdoor Kitchen Vents properly placed through out the kitchen to allow for a cross flow of air that moves throughout the kitchen. In a sense, this is how the entire kitchen breathes. Since natural gas rises, we generally suggest to put your Masonry Outdoor Kitchen Vents 6″-12″ below the top of the countertop so that when you are using your combustible appliance, the gas will rise up and flow out of the kitchen vent. For liquid propane, we suggest venting 6″-12″ from the bottom. This is because liquid propane sinks to the ground. The great out designing a kitchen at Stone Farm is that we take care of the cut outs for your Masonry Outdoor Kitchen Vents so their is no second guessing, wrong cutting, or even worse- cabinets combusting.

It is important to note, that not only do your combustible heat appliances, such as grills, side burners, power burners, and others, need proper ventilation- but your cold storage does just as well. For cold storage, such as fridges, and refrigerated pantries, and kegerators we will place a cut out for the Masonry Outdoor Kitchen Vent 6″-12″ from the bottom of the panel regardless of which gas set up you have. A Masonry Outdoor Kitchen Vent is a necessity for a functioning outdoor kitchen and Stone Farm only carries the highest rated stainless steel- 304-masonry outdoor island vents for easy application.

Masonry Outdoor Kitchen Island Vents:

  • Model: SSIV-M 
  • #304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • 1 ¼” Return on Flange for Rock Islands
  • Cutout Dimensions: W: 12 ½” H: 3 ¼” D: n/a
  • Always check local building codes, however in general contractors will mount the vents low for liquid propane set ups and top down for natural gas kitchen set ups.
  • For more information: Sunfire Masonry Outdoor Island Vent
  • Check out our high temp refractory Stone Age Ready Mix Mortar for building your outdoor kitchen.

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