Why Our Masonry Components Make For Easier Install

Our Masonry Components make thick veneering projects easy. Our products are all made with top quality 304 stainless steel. With multiple options such as vents for combustible heat appliances, horizontal doors, vertical doors, single trash, double trash or multiple drawers with paper towel holders, our products create a seamless kitchen experience for the client and an easy install job for the contractor.

Our masonry products have a 1" flange built in 360 degrees around the entire product that allows the product to sit above the veneering while keeping the luxury feeling throughout the kitchen. Fire Farm masonry components have curved handles on all products to allow for an ergonomic design, and magnetic locking doors to keep your supplies in and animals out.

These products fit seamlessly within our Stone Age kitchen panels and our team will be happy to help you with technical questions. Not sure which products you would like in your kitchen? Not a problem our designers put your wish list first and can offer you a free kitchen rendering quote.