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Spec Sheets and Product Information


Buckets for availabilityBuckets for VeneerSq. Feet of VeneerLF of Veneer Corners NeededFirebrick Splits RequiredWeight
36" Contractor448526851,169 lbs
48" Contractor55109261051,336 lbs

Contractor SeriesDescriptionAdobe ReaderCADCADSketchUp
SA-24CNContractor 24", Arched LintelSA-24CN-3V.pdfSA-24CN-3V.DXFSA-24CN-3V.DWGSA-24CN.skp
SA-24CN-STRContractor 24", Straight LintelSA-24CN-STR.skp
SA-36CNContractor 36", Arched LintelSA-36CN-3V.pdfSA-36CN-3V.DXFSA-36CN-3V.DWGSA-36CN.skp
SA-36CN-STRContractor 36", Straight LintelSA-36CN-STR.skp
SA-48CNContractor 48", Arched LintelSA-48CN-3V.pdfSA-48CN-3V.DXFSA-48CN-3V.DWGSA-48CN.skp
SA-48CN-STRContractor 48", Straight LintelSA-48CN-STR.skp
SA-24CN-STContractor See-Thru 24", Arched LintelSA-24CN-ST-3V.pdfSA-24CN-ST-3V.DXFSA-24CN-ST-3V.DWGSA-24CN-ST.skp
SA-24CN-ST-STRContractor See-Thru 24", Straight LintelSA-24CN-ST-STR.skp
SA-36CN-STRContractor See-Thru 36", Arched LintelSA-36CN-ST-3V.pdfSA-36CN-ST-3V.DXFSA-36CN-ST-3V.DWGSA-36CN-STR.skp
SA-36CN-ST-STRContractor See-Thru 36", Straight LintelSA-36CN-ST-STR.skp
SA-48CN-STContractor See-Thru 48", Arched LintelSA-48CN-ST-3V.pdfSA-48CN-ST-3V.DXFSA-48CN-ST-3V.DWGSA-48CN-ST.skp
SA-48CN-ST-STRContractor See-Thru 48", Straight LintelSA-48CN-ST-STR.skp

AmerigoBrick OvenMezzoVecchio
Sq. In. of cooking1512 sq inches668 sq inches800 sq inches 668 sq inches
Door Opening 25.5" x 12.5"24" x 21" 15.5" x 8"24" x 9.25"
Outside Dimensions48" x 42"34" x 42" 36" x 33"34" x 42"


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