An outdoor fireplace is the focal point for your outdoor living space.

Fire Farm is the licensed manufacturer and distributor for Stone Age Modular Fireplace Kits in the Mid-Atlantic, Metro New York, and New England areas.  We chose Stone Age because of their quality and reputation in outdoor stone fireplace kits.

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masonry outdoor fireplace in backyard

A few things to consider when choosing your outdoor fireplace kit:

Draft - Depth of Box

A proper draft is extremely important when building your stone fireplace. The last thing anybody wants is smoke spilling out of the front of the fireplace as they are trying to enjoy their company.

By using our fireplace kits, you can still achieve your custom look, but can be assured the 'guts' of your masonry outdoor fireplace is built correctly.

outdoor fireplace kit showing the draft and depth of box

Quality / Strength

Some brands actually advertise that their product is lighter weight than ours!  We take pride in the weight of our modular units.  This is because our pieces are solid (not hollow). In addition, our fireplaces use over 100 linear feet of steel rebar. Yes, rebar, the same material used in bridges. Our fireplaces have a psi of over 3500! Bottom line, we want our fireplaces to last you a lifetime (and then some). 

Fire Farm's Contractor Outdoor Fireplace Wall Piece
Fire Farm's Contractor Outdoor Fireplace Wall Piece
A Competitor's Outdoor Fireplace Wall Piece
A Competitor's Outdoor Fireplace Wall Piece


A contractor, who is guaranteeing their work, won't mind lifting some extra weight if they know the product will last longer! Our outdoor fireplace kits are designed by third generation masons, and manufactured in the USA.  Since you know our outdoor fireplace kits provide a great draft, your contractor can focus on the finished look. 

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On average, a contractor can put up our stone masonry fireplace kits in 3-4 hours (of course...this does not include pouring a proper base), which means that they can start their veneer work on the very same day!  No time calculating firebox dimensions, or thinking about draft details - your contractor can simply focus on their artistry.


Which Outdoor Fireplace Kit is Best for You?

Our three types of outdoor fireplace kits are all very different.  Look at the options below to determine which will work best in your space.

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The Contractor

Best Selling Outdoor Fireplace Kit

  • Cost Effective Option
  • Makes the hardest part of the build easy - people usually customize
  • Additional flues can be added to achieve desired height (6" increments)
  • For mason contractors who like to begin veneer on the same day

The Standard

Upgrade from the Contractor Outdoor Fireplace Kit

  • Fire brick
  • Extra Flue Extension
  • Hearth
  • Riser underneath for added height and wood compartment
  • All in one kit (just add mortar and veneer)
  • Best for Homeowner and Landscape Contractor

The New Age

An Outdoor Fireplace Kit with a Modern Touch with Wide Frame

  • Great for mounting TVs
  • UL Rated (if building close to house or outdoor room)
  • Includes the firebrick and 2ft of chimney
  • Firebox designed for better heat projection
  • Achieves a modern look without sacrificing functionality

Get a Quote for an Outdoor Fireplace Kit

Get a Quote- Outdoor Fireplace

Veneer as You or Your Customer Desires

Pictured on the left, is our 'Contractor' Fireplace Kit.  This same outdoor stone fireplace kit was used by the mason on the right who customized it by adding a chimney extension and building a base/hearth that tied into the rock wall.

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Demonstration Video: 48" Stone Age Contractor, Outdoor Fireplace Kit Build

Outdoor Fireplace Kit Accessories

Personalizing your outdoor fireplace is easy with our range of Stone Age accessories. Create a convenient and aesthetically pleasing solution for wood storing needs using our wood storage boxes. Would you like to increase the height of the chimney?  Add a few flue extensions to the top of your fireplace.  

Stone Age All Purpose Mortar

What’s the best mortar to use for our kits?

Just add water!   Takes guess-work out of getting the ‘right’ mix

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Fireplace Firebox Extension Kit

Increase the height of your firebox and fireplace simultaneously!  This extension is popular with our Contractor and Standard kits. Each fireplace opening flue extension adds 11” of height to the firebox and overall unit. 

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Flue Exensions

Want a taller fireplace?  Use Flue Extensions.

You can add up to 12’ of extensions.  Each extension is 6”

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Wood Storage Boxes

Wood Storage boxes are a functional way to tie your Outdoor fireplace together. These boxes serve to create an easy to access, aesthetically pleasing alternative to a wood rack, just inches away from your fireplace. 

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