Outdoor Fireplace Kit – Contractor Series

Contractor Series Features

The Contractor Series offers Stone Age design and materials with an emphasis on value.  The kit is distilled down to its essential components of fireplace and chimney, and additional items are left optional, to give you a fireplace comparable to competing models with Stone Age quality and innovation.

The Contractor Series is the perfect choice for applications where a customized profile is desired, or for projects where the lower wood storage area of the Standard fireplace is not needed.

UL-127 and ULC-S610 Certified for outdoor or indoor applications.

The Contractor Series Outdoor Fireplace Kit offers solid design and materials with an emphasis on value. This outdoor fireplace kit is distilled down to its essential components of fireplace and chimney, with additional items left optional. This series is fully customizable to allow for your own choice of mantel, firebrick and hearth options. Additionally, chimney extensions are available to allow for the specific height requirements as required by your local regulations.

  • Easy to install – comes with complete instructions –  3 to 4 hours to build – you can focus on your design finish!
  • Durable Construction – rebar reinforcement and solid wall concrete construction
  • Less Smoke – designed with deeper firebox and superior throat design for better drafting
  • Longevity – heavy-duty design for a long life of enjoyment
  • Finishing – Comes ready to veneer
  • Strength – Over 100 ft lineal of rebar in each fireplace for quality strength
  • Manufactured at your local Fire Farm in Monroe, CT


Buckets for availabilityBuckets for VeneerSq. Feet of VeneerLF of Veneer Corners NeededFirebrick RequiredWeight
36" Contractor44852685 (splits)1,250 lbs
48" Contractor5510926105 (splits)1,490 lbs
36" Standard4410032Included2,190 lbs
48" Standard5512532Included2,400 lbs
42" New Age6510532120 (full)2,050 lbs
48" New Age7611534150 (full)2,860 lbs
60" New Age8714036175 (full)3,900 lbs
72" New Age9816536200 (full)4,900 lbs

Contractor Series Outdoor Fireplace Kit
Included Options

  • Choose your size:  Available in 3 sizes: 24″, 36″, 48″ plus a 36″ see-through
  • Choose your fuel:  Wood burning
  • Choose your lintel:  Arched Lintel or Straight Lintel

Contractor Series Add-On Options

  • Comes with 3 6″ Flue/Chimney Extensions, Additional available for purchase up to 20′ high
  • Optional Wood Storage boxes add functionality and balance to your fireplace
  • Optional Angled Adapters help incorporate a fireplace into an outdoor kitchen
  • Increase the height of the firebox by 11″ using the Height Extension kit
  • Firebrick lining is not included but recommended






Arched Lintel

Straight Lintel

Straight Lintel See Through

Arched Lintel See Through






24", 36", 48", 36" See Through


Arched Lintel, Straight Lintel

Number of Flue Extensions (6" each)


Contractor SeriesDescriptionAdobe Reader
SA-24CNContractor 24", Arched LintelSA-24CN-3V.pdf
SA-24CN-STRContractor 24", Straight Lintel
SA-36CNContractor 36", Arched LintelSA-36CN-3V.pdf
SA-36CN-STRContractor 36", Straight Lintel
SA-48CNContractor 48", Arched LintelSA-48CN-3V.pdf
SA-48CN-STRContractor 48", Straight Lintel
SA-24CN-STContractor See-Thru 24", Arched LintelSA-24CN-ST-3V.pdf
SA-24CN-ST-STRContractor See-Thru 24", Straight Lintel
SA-36CN-STRContractor See-Thru 36", Arched LintelSA-36CN-ST-3V.pdf
SA-36CN-ST-STRContractor See-Thru 36", Straight Lintel
SA-48CN-STContractor See-Thru 48", Arched LintelSA-48CN-ST-3V.pdf
SA-48CN-ST-STRContractor See-Thru 48", Straight Lintel

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