Alfresco 24″ Versa Power Burner

Alfresco 24″ Power Burner Specs:

Available in Liquid Propane or Natural Gas

Cart models available

Ideal for use as European French Top

The perfect complementary appliance to complete your outdoor kitchen.

Cut Out Dimensions: 

21 1/2″ W x 10 1/4″ H x 22 1/2″ D

3″ Minimum Clearance from back wall

Alfresco 24″ Versa Power Burner is power at your fingertips. Giving you chef grade control at the flick of a wrist, you will be putting on a performance for all to see and taste. With 24″ of 304 stainless steel construction, our Alfresco holds it weight in stainless steel. With electronic switch ignition, you will be sure to feel luxury at it’s finest with a push of a button.  

One difference that sets Alfresco stainless steel grills and appliances apart from the competition is that their grates are made with 8mm super duty spider web grates of 304 stainless steel. This sets them apart in the industry because most grills and burners are not made with steel. They are made with a metal substitute and over time, your grates will warp and disintegrate due to hot zones. Hot zones will lead to uneven heating and uneven cooked food. 

The brass center burner adjusts from 400 BTU’s to 20,000 BTU’s allowing you to move from simmer to boil in minutes. Simmer delicate sauces on a low setting of 400 BTU’s, gradually turn it up to both interior and exterior burners to yield 65,000 BTU’s total. For convince, install the pot filler that hooks up to either a water line or an on demand system to get access to water without hassle. The Alfresco 24″ Versa Power Burner can handle stock pots up to 100 quarts easily. Feeling hungry for traditional recipes? The 5/16″ diameter stainless steel spider grate with removable trivet allows you to grill up traditional recipes in minutes. 

Alfresco 24" Versa Power Features


Commercial Wok


Teppanyaki Griddle


Pot Faucet


Versa Power™ Cart


Pot Filler


Tank Housing


Counter Cart


Alfresco 24" Versa Power Burner Heat Levels


Simmer sauces on low heat at 400 BTU


Center burner ranges from 400 to 20,000 BTU for medium cooking heat levels


Outer stainless steel burner adjusts from 5,000 to 45,000 BTU for diverse heat options


Boil 100 quarts of water on high at 65,000 BTU

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