Aluminum Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets
Solving Northeast Dilemmas

The dilemma of building an outdoor kitchen in the Northeast:

Building an outdoor kitchen in the Northeast has never been an easy decision. Unlike California and Florida, the grilling season in the Northeast is significantly shortened by long winters which means investing in the cost of a traditional stone kitchen—no matter how beautiful—hard to swallow.  To make matters worse, cold nights in both the Spring and Fall are commonplace!  As a result, people have been moving south.  A constant reminder of warm weather’s importance in calculating one’s quality of life.  This fact was reinforced when I read the following article: 3 reasons so many people are getting the hell out of the Northeast. But you don’t have to move South to solve your Northeast dilemmas, you can build an outdoor kitchen using aluminum outdoor kitchen cabinets. 

A great option – building an outdoor kitchen with aluminum outdoor kitchen cabinets

There are many people, like us at the Fire Farm, who will grill in any weather.  We plan on staying in the Northeast for the long haul and would never consider moving!  In fact, a short grilling season, like so many other weather related challenges, is viewed as a good reason to build a durable, functional, beautiful and utterly amazing outdoor living space!  As a company who designed and sold stone outdoor kitchens for almost a decade, we didn’t exactly love the idea of an Aluminum Outdoor Kitchen. That is, until we realized that aluminum outdoor kitchen cabinets could solve the age old Northeast dilemma of how to keep grilling longer!

  • Portability – we love outdoor kitchens built with stone. However, it is pretty damn hard to move a masonry outdoor kitchen two feet; let alone take it with you should you choose to chase the sun!  However, aluminum outdoor kitchen cabinets can easily be loaded right into the moving truck!  So if you love your outdoor kitchen, but are planning a move  – have no fear – the kitchen can go with you! 
  • Portability (Again) – another dilemma people have is with the location of one’s outdoor kitchen.  Let’s say you although someone building a pool often wants their grill and cold storage right by the pool, this might not be close enough to the house during the colder seasons. That’s why portability again is a huge factor. This was a huge selling point for this customer, who for the winter plans to keep his grill close to his house. Another Northeast dilemma solved by aluminum outdoor kitchen cabinets!

Aluminum outdoor kitchen cabinets solving a Northeast dilemma 

But here during summer:

Northeast dilemma solved by aluminum outdoor kitchen cabinets

  • Economics – if you are not happy with the short grilling season, and are concerned about the move, you’ll also find these types of kitchens to be more economical. A main reason being the lack of prep work needed to layout your outdoor kitchen. Often, a masonry outdoor kitchen will require a footing, and site work to prepare for construction. Aluminum outdoor kitchen cabinets can be added to an existing landscape in under and hour. Choose a stone or matching aluminum countertop, and you have an outdoor kitchen without all the fuss, bother and cost of pouring a cement footing. The Northeast dilemma of cost balanced against usability is solved again by aluminum outdoor kitchen cabinets.


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