Why Choose a Saber Grill

Have you ever fired up your grill anticipating a delicious meal on a hot, sunny, summer evening?

You’ve just gotten home from work, the sun is still hours away from setting, and you’ve got a nice cut of steak ready to grill. But then, just as the sizzle of that steak hitting the grill reaches your ears, the dog manages to roll into something truly foul and while you’re trying to get him corralled, you lose track of your steak and between the flare-ups and the hot air, it ends up being dry. 

Not even that hard-to-find, ice cold IPA you just cracked open can help that level of buzzkill. 

Now let’s imagine this scenario but with a Saber Grill. Instead of flare-ups charring your meat, your steak is cooking at an even temperature. Instead of the hot air under your grill dome drying it out, it’s been seared to perfection and is cooking marvelously, even while you’ve been hosing off naughty Buster. Instead of certain ruin, you’ve got a steak worthy of the finest steakhouses. 

That’s Saber cooking. 

Let us explain with three quick reasons to choose a Saber Grill.

A feast cooks on the burners of a Saber grill


Reason 1: Saber’s Cooking System is truly different

Saber Grills use infrared heating technology to heat the surface, not the air under the hood. This radiant heat, unlike convection heat used by traditional gas grills, directly cooks your food at the temperature you want — rather than using hot, dry air which naturally reduces food’s moisture level. The Saber infrared system does not create flare-ups and the heat is zoned for each burner. Even in windy and cold conditions, Saber Grills maintain an even heat. 

What does that mean? Your marinade doesn’t drip onto the flames below, but instead cooks into the food on the burner. You can easily control how much heat your food is getting by moving it from burner to warming rack and know it makes a difference (similar to moving your food off of the working burner on your stove).  With Saber, you can truly “zone” your cooking because you’re dealing with the temperature of the cooking grids, not the temperature of the air in the hood.

You won’t see the open flame, but smoke and steam will still waft from whatever it is you’re grilling to whet your appetite with all the usual savory scents of cooking outdoors.

The diagram below shows how the Saber system works to prevent your food from drying out. The heat is coming directly from the surface, not the air around it, locking in the juiciness and flavor of your food:

A diagram of how the Saber Grilling System works

Reason 2: Save fuel 

Because you’re not heating air, you’ll use 30% less fuel than a traditional gas grill, but still reach 700 degrees in just 10 minutes even when it’s windy out! This goes for cold weather, too. Have you ever grilled on a snowy day? It’s the best! There’s nothing like grilling with snow on the ground, so make sure to shovel a path to your Saber grill and keep the healthy benefits of grilled food going year-round. Your burners reach their desired temperature fast and stay there, even when it’s frosty out.

But what about BTUs, you ask? BTU stands for British Thermal Units, or the amount of heat needed to raise one pound of water at maximum density through one degree Fahrenheit. So really, BTUs are not about how hot something can get, but how a piece of equipment gets to that point. All those BTUs people like to talk about are used more efficiently by a Saber grill — heating the cooking surface and not the air — which means you end up using less fuel. Fewer trips to the hardware store for propane sound pretty good to me. 

Reason 3: Features and Quality

Saber uses commercial 304 grade stainless steel and offers a limited lifetime warranty. Halogen dome lighting illuminates your night-time cooking beautifully. (The Elite model includes LED down lighting on the knobs, along with sleek, mirror-polished edges on the hood.) Plus Saber makes a point of making interchangeable parts on all of their grills, so you know if you must replace any burners or parts, it’ll be simple to get what you need. 

Saber Premium Stainless Steel Built In Grill


So even though you’ll hear people throw around BTUs and other buzzwords when talking about their high-end stainless grills, we believe Saber Grills truly are different. You only have to experience it once to understand the distinction of their radiant heat cooking system. And when you hear that the technology is similar to what is used in high-end steakhouses, you’ll believe it! 

Just like in a high-end steakhouse, the Saber grill can be the crown of your outdoor kitchen. Whether you choose a traditional stone kitchen or a powder-coated aluminum one, the Saber grill will elevate your outdoor cooking experience to match the setting you’ve created for it.

Find out how to get your Saber Grill. 

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