Challenger Kitchen Cabinets – Countertop Options

Challenger's weatherproof outdoor kitchen cabinets can be finished with aluminum, stainless steel or stone countertops.

Challenger Designs makes adding countertops to your outdoor kitchen cabinets easy: they produce aluminum countertops in a variety of powder-coated colors, as well as stainless steel (about 2x the cost).

However, you can top your cabinets with your own stone for a custom look. The cabinets can hold up to 700lbs in weight and look gorgeous when finished with stone.

Stocked Aluminum Countertops


Challenger Textured Black
Challenger countertop options - textured black


Challenger Designs Copper Vein Aluminum Countertop
Challenger countertop options copper vein


Challenger Kitchens silver vein aluminum countertop
Challenger countertop options silver vein


Challenger Speckled Walnut
Challenger countertop options speckled walnut

Stone Countertops

Challenger Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets - countertop options - stone

Stone countertops are a great option for Challenger Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets as our cabinets easily hold up to 700lbs in weight. Stone looks beautiful when coordinated or contrasted with the various powder-coated cabinet colors.

Template your stone countertops as you would for any kitchen. Use up to 2" thick in granite/stone (we will need to know the thickness before we order the kitchen if you wish your appliance skirts to be pre-cut.) The depth of any desired overhang is dependent on the individual stone's integrity.

Stainless steel also available.

Stainless steel is available and a beautiful option for an industrial look (at about twice the price of aluminum).
Lead times will increase.


Challenger countertop options - stainless
Challenger countertop options - stainless

Challenger Designs’ cabinets are all aluminum, rust free, and feature an outdoor-rated powder-coated finish for low maintenance that lasts a lifetime. Get a beautiful, modern outdoor kitchen at about half the price of steel and install on a deck, patio or rooftop with no need to pour a base.