Challenger Accessories

Customize the look of your outdoor kitchen cabinets with these Challenger accessories.

Toe Kicks vs. Self-Leveling Legs

Challenger Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets all have self-leveling stainless steel legs to make installation on most level surfaces easy. Many people like their cabinets with this "industrial chic" style for ease of sweeping out any garden debris.

If you prefer a finished, built-in look, Challenger makes color-matched toe kicks that install easily by clipping onto the legs.

Standard Self-Leveling Legs

Challenger kitchen with standard self-leveling legs
Challenger cabinet features - self-leveling legs

Added Color-Matched Toe Kicks

Challenger Outdoor Kitchen with toe kick accessories
Challenger accessories - toe kicks


Challenger accessories - casters
Challenger cart on casters

One of the great things about metal outdoor kitchens as compared to traditional masonry kitchens is their portability!

You can't take a masonry kitchen with you, but you can feasibly disassemble and reassemble some configurations of Challenger kitchen cabinets to move with you if you sell your house.

Also, kitchens up to a certain length can be placed on casters, so you can move it from poolside to porch as the mood strikes you — or as the weather dictates. Experience the joys of grilling in the snow by moving your outdoor kitchen closer to the house during the winter!

Bar Tops & Water Systems

Challenger countertop options speckled walnut

If you want your outdoor kitchen to multi-task as a bar, add Challengers bar tops and get ready to serve cocktails, mocktails and more.

The finished back panels on all Challenger outdoor kitchen cabinets make it easy use them as a freestanding island or bar.

Add Challenger's on-demand water system or hook a sink up to your plumbing for a full-service experience. Beverage centers also work well with islands and bar tops. Never let your guests go thirsty.

Corner Cabinets

Challenger U-shaped outdoor kitchen in a pavilion using corner cabinets

Challenger outdoor kitchen cabinets are flexible. Keep adding components and cabinets until you have the kitchen that has everything.

Corner kits make it easy to build L-shaped and U-shaped kitchens to hold all the appliances your customer desires. Put a sink on one side, a grill on the other, and refrigerator and trash/recycling bin in the middle.

Watch our corner cabinet installation video in the "Resources" tab on our site,  on our YouTube channel.

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Ready to order? Our designers are ready to help.

Challenger Designs’ cabinets are all aluminum, rust free, and feature an outdoor-rated powder-coated finish for low maintenance that lasts a lifetime. Get a beautiful, modern outdoor kitchen at about half the price of steel and install on a deck, patio or rooftop with no need to pour a base.