Benefits of Challenger Outdoor Cabinets

Once you’ve settled on metal cabinets for your outdoor kitchen project, there are many brands on the market. Here are a few benefits specific to aluminum outdoor cabinets from Challenger Designs that may make them the best fit for your outdoor kitchen. 


Crafted From High-Quality Powder-Coated Aluminum

One important benefit of Challenger outdoor cabinets is that they won’t warp or rot, even in direct sun or cold conditions. Aluminum is naturally resistant to water and rust, meaning these outdoor kitchen cabinets will stay looking as nice as they day they were installed, even in bad weather environments. 

Cost Savings

Everyone’s favorite benefit is getting the same great look of steel cabinets but at a significant cost savings! Aluminum cabinets come in around 40% cheaper than their stainless steel counterparts, which means your customers can get the beautiful, modern look of metal cabinets but not break their budget. 

Short Lead Times for Delivery

Another important benefit of Challenger outdoor cabinets is that with Fire Farm’s In-Stock Cabinet Program, if you choose from our stocked cabinets, we can get cabinets delivered in as little as 2 weeks from sign off. We find that you can still make hundreds of configurations just using our stocked cabinets—and sometimes limiting the choices makes it easier for people to plan and decide. But even if a cabinet we don’t stock is needed (for example, a stand for a ceramic grill) because the cabinets are manufactured in the U.S., custom cabinets ship in only 6-8 weeks directly from Challenger. Download our 4-page guide.

Custom Cabinet Configurations

Did we mention “custom”?  Challenger cabinets available in eight cabinet colors, with three door styles and many different sizes and  storage configurations including grill and sink cabinets, door and drawer combos, plus many speciality cabinets for appliances like side burners. All of the cabinets are modular so you can create the custom configuration that fits your customer’s space and needs perfectly. 

Weather-resistant sealed doors and drawers

Challenger outdoor cabinets are the only outdoor kitchen cabinets with standard weather-sealing to keep belongings protected from the elements. Keep your spices, utensils, even linens safe from the weather so they can be stored conveniently outdoors in the kitchen where you need them. 

Stainless Steel, Self-Leveling Legs

Challenger outdoor cabinets are a perfect fit for a variety of surfaces including decks and rooftops, even pool areas because their self-leveling stainless steel legs adjust to accommodate. There’s no need to pour a concrete base which saves money and time. Kitchens up to a certain size an even be installed on casters so you can move your kitchen from places to place. The bonus is that if you move, your kitchen can move with you, too. Many people love the “industrial chic” look of the steel legs (which also make it easy to clean underneath the kitchen) but you can also finish with color-matched toe kicks for a built-in look.

Fully-Assembled – Quick to Install

You can’t beat the speed of installing Challenger outdoor cabinets. The cabinets come fully assembled, all you need to do is screw on the included self-leveling legs, and swap the handles from inside the cabinets (where they are attached to protect them during shipping) to the outside. Just level cabinets and attach with 3/4″ self-tapping screws and you’re ready for appliances and countertops. Kitchens can be assembled within hours, rather than days, even with toe kick accessories. 

Aluminum, Steel or Stone Countertops Options

Challenger sells coordinating high-quality aluminum or stainless steel countertops to complete your outdoor kitchen, but one of the biggest benefits of Challenger outdoor cabinets is that they can be built to support any countertop material you source. The powder-coated aluminum looks elegant with stone countertops, and allows for your customer’s unique vision for their kitchen to shine through.

Finished Back Panel Standard

We love this benefit of Challenger outdoor cabinets because lately we’ve seen many people choosing to design their outdoor kitchen in a similar way as their indoor one— with an island! Just like inside, a freestanding island allows for improved workflow, or a place for people to gather and talk while the cooking is happening. What’s better than a conversation in the kitchen? The standard finished back panels on Challenger outdoor cabinets make this possible and also make the cabinets perfect for decks where the back of the kitchen will be exposed.

Made in the USA

Challenger Designs are headquartered in Nappanee, Indiana, and all cabinets are built start to finish in the United States. This means custom orders aren’t held up by overseas shipping. 

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Challenger Designs, LLC warrants to the original consumer purchaser, for as long as they own their cabinet, that products shall be free from defects in manufactured materials and workmanship under normal use.

Challenger kitchen - white outdoor kitchen cabinets

Benefits of Challenger Outdoor Cabinets Make Outdoor Kitchens Easier

Overall, Challenger aluminum outdoor kitchen cabinets have a host of benefits that are all “plusses” when it comes to your working with your customers on their outdoor kitchen project. Cost savings, speed of delivery, and the ability to install kitchens on decks and rooftops without pouring an elaborate footing means kitchen jobs just got easier to sell! 

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