The Mezzo™ Pizza Oven offers old world cooking in a traditional barrel shape design, with a medium-sized footprint and over 800 square inches of cooking surface that will deliver a lifetime of enjoyment in your outdoor kitchen.

Mezzo™ Pizza Oven Features:

  • Arched Chamber with over 800 sq inch. of Cooking Surface.
  • Kit includes firebrick, 9” chimney flue and metal oven door
  • Heats up to 800 degrees
  • 33” depth fits perfectly with the Stone Age Kitchen Panel System
  • Unlimited flexibility while incorporating the taste of real wood
  • Can cook 2 large pizzas at the same time!
  • From your garden to your oven… enjoy a tasty pizza right in your backyard

Mezzo™ Options:

  • Chimey Flues for desired height
  • Mezzo Oven Cabinet Kit 


Maintenance Tips:

  • The owner should wait a minimum of 28 days after construction is completed to build the first fire.
  • It’s normal to see spillage out of the front oven opening with soot/smoke stains on the face of the exterior.  By design, the chimney flue of the wood fired ovens are undersized for maximum heat retention.
  • A chimney cap is recommended to protect the interior cooking chamber of the oven from exposure to moisture.

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