Choosing the Right Outdoor Fireplace Kit

If you are thinking of building a stone Outdoor Fireplace, you are likely considering using a kit to ensure a good draft, or simply for efficient building.  We are here to help you with Choosing The Right Outdoor Fireplace for your back yard. Here we review some different questions to consider (not to mention some nice pictures to look at), to help you choose the right Stone Age Outdoor Fireplace Kit

Here are some items to think about before building your outdoor fireplace:

  • Style – the biggest difference in styles would be the shape; a traditional ‘angled’ throat, or something more modern? When most people think of an outdoor fireplace, they imagine the traditional angled throat. This is accomplished with our Contractor and Standard Kits.  However, with current design trends moving towards ‘Modern Styles’, our New Age fireplaces are becoming more popular because of it’s straight angles. 
  • Zero Clearance – are you going right up against a house? You probably want to look at the New Age Outdoor Fireplace kit.  This kit is UL Listed and rated for zero clearance, meaning the unit can be placed almost directly against combustible materials. This will be an important feature your inspector will be looking for. 
  • Mounting a TV or Picture – with the New Age having that flat top, contractors often use this kit when they are building up to mount a TV or Picture. No reason to cut block/stone at angles, when the New Age is already set to build on top of (see picture below)
  • Size – each of our kits have fire boxes that come in many sizes. The most popular being 36″ and 48″ which is close to your standard indoor fireplace. Our overall fireplace dimensions are listed on the website here: Outdoor Fireplace Kit Dimensions  We always recommend (like with Outdoor Kitchens) that you ‘sketch out’ the space on your patio where the fireplace will be, so you can get a feel for the size. 
  • Wood Storage Boxes- do you have plenty of room, and want to build wood storage boxes on the side of your outdoor fireplace, or are you tight on space, and want to store right under the fire box? As you will see below, our Standard Kit has legs so wood storage will stay contained within the width of your outdoor fireplace. 
Once you answer the above, you can choose from Fire Farm’s three outdoor fireplace kit options – The Standard Series; The Contractor Series; and The New Age.  Our fireplace kits make building an outdoor fireplace very efficient for your contractor. The beauty is that each kit offers a slightly different look, but you can also give your contractor the freedom to add his creative touch to truly make the outdoor fireplace design specific to the look you want in your outdoor living space. 

The Contractor Outdoor Fireplace Kit- 

the Contractor is not only the best selling outdoor fireplace kit, but is the most cost-effective option. Your contractor can easily customize the end result to your specific wants and needs. Flues in six-inch increments can be added to achieve the desired height, and mason contractors can literally begin to veneer on the same day. Quick, easy and beautiful.  Watch an installation in this video –
Remember – the purpose of our outdoor fireplace kit is to make the ‘fire box’ the easiest part for your contractor. As you can see here, the same ‘kit’, can give multiple looks based on the base and build out your contractor does. 

The Standard Outdoor Fireplace Kit –An Upgrade for the Contractor 

The Standard is a bit more of an all inclusive  fireplace kit. In addition to coming with the necessary fire brick, it also has a hearth and an extra flue extension. Risers underneath the unit adds height and space for a wood compartment. As this is an all-in-one-kit, your contractor just needs to add mortar and veneer to bring your fireplace to life.

The New Age Outdoor Fireplace Kit– An Outdoor Fireplace Kit with a Modern Touch 

The New Age outdoor fireplace kit has a wider frame and achieves a modern look without sacrificing functionality. It is great for mounting TVs if you want your outdoor fireplace to be a true entertainer. This kit is UL rated which is good if building close to the house or an outdoor room. It includes the firebrick and 2 feet of chimney. 

Hopefully this helped in the process of choosing the right outdoor fireplace kit. If you are building a stone outdoor fireplace in your backyard, we hope you consider using our kits!  You can learn more about the kits here and also see them before stone is added: –

For more information, please contact us at (203) 364-4419.

Cheers! – The Fire Farm.