Backyard Pavilions: Outdoor Living Trend 2023

We love it when contractors who use our Outdoor Living products send us photos of their finished work. One of the trends we’ve seen developing in these pictures is the emergence of backyard pavilions as a desired feature in 2023. 

Challenger kitchen cabinet inside a backyard pavilion  Large open backyard pavilion with a fireplace

Why build a backyard pavilion? 

What drives you indoors? It’s usually one of two things: hot sun or rain. With backyard pavilions, neither of those things is problem. You’re set to hang out and enjoy the smell of petrichor if it starts to rain, or enjoy the heat without the glare if the sun is out. A backyard pavilion turns a patio into an “outdoor room,” extending the usable square footage in your home, at least part of the year, depending on your location. 

Backyard pavilions can also double as a poolside cabana with a nice fireplace to warm up. Putting that TV or music system in makes the space even better. Watch the game, or host a party without fear of the weather turning you back indoors. The addition of ceiling fans provides a cool breeze on a hot day, and keeps mosquitos away

Fireplace inside a backyard pavilion  Backyard pavilion with a Challenger metal outdoor kitchen cabinets

What’s the best feature to include in backyard pavilions? 

It seems our customers are evenly split on this one. Outdoor fireplaces are popular in backyard pavilions. Conversation seems livelier when sitting in front of a fireplace. Drinks taste better. Everything seems cozier and more exciting. So it’s not surprising that a good number of the pavilions we’ve seen pop up have a fireplace in them. Our New Age model with its Zero Clearance capabilities is an excellent choice when building within a structure, and it’s also a great model to install a TV on — another popular feature of a pavilion. 

The other side of the coin is to build an outdoor kitchen in your pavilion. Protecting your grill and cooking experience from the elements is a key factor. Who hasn’t brought all the ingredients for a grilling feast outside only to have a squall hit and have to hustle it all back inside? With a covered cooking space, you can take your time and your appliances and ingredients remained safely protected, along with your barbecue guests!

Build a pavilion big enough for your kitchen and table and alfresco dining is a snap. String some lights in the underside of your pavilion and you no longer need to go out to eat just for the ambiance, you’ll have it right in your own backyard. Whether you choose to build a masonry outdoor kitchen with our Stone Age Panel & Bracket System or you go with Challenger Designs Aluminum Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets, you’ll have an outdoor kitchen that is the envy of your friends and family.

Backyard Style

Backyard pavilions can adapt to any style. Whether you use painted columns and stone for a more formal look, or redwood beams to look mountain/rustic, you can adapt your backyard pavilion to match the style of your house. Similarly, our Stone Age fireplace kits provide the base for your fire feature, but allow you to apply whatever veneer you like to make a fireplace that suits your fancy. If you head the kitchen route, you can choose Challenger metal kitchen cabinets for a modern, luxe look, or finish your Stone Age Kitchen Panels with a veneer to match your fireplace (in case you just can’t decide!). Lately we’ve seen some of our kitchens finished with porcelain which we think looks amazing. It’s up to you! 

Here’s a gallery of some of the amazing backyard pavilions our contractors have made that included our kits:

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