From Kit to Art – Your Outdoor Fireplace

Although many outdoor masonry fireplaces have a similar shape, it’s the finish and work around it, that really make them a focal point of your backyard.  Sometimes the word ‘kit’, can scare a homeowner because everybody loves unique items.  However, although our outdoor fireplace kits are the “backbone” of an outdoor fireplace, it’s the contractor’s expertise and artistry that creates unique designs that fit your sense of style and landscape. 

Here are three of our favorite outdoor fireplaces – each one looks very different, yet they all used the same outdoor fireplace kit

A Bold Design: An Outdoor Fireplace on a Boulder

The following outdoor fireplace kit was uniquely built on top of a boulder in a backyard. The top of the kit was also added on for an additional feature. The boulder becomes much like a hearth of this outdoor fireplace. 

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Outdoor Fireplace Kit on a Boulder

Imagine sitting on your patio with a beer by the warmth of a fire AND watching the Jets? This outdoor fireplace kit was designed into the ultimate entertaining zone. A narrow build with a television built-into the frame of the fireplace. A match made in heaven!

The Ultimate Entertainer: An Outdoor Fireplace with at TV

outdoor fireplace kit, outdoor fireplace, outdoor fireplace kit ct

An Outdoor Fireplace with a Built-In Television

Down By the River: A Beautiful Outdoor Fireplace Kit with the River as Its Back Drop

After a jet ski or swim, this homeowner can warm up by the fire, thanks to this beautiful outdoor fireplace design. The contractor here added additional width to the outdoor fireplace kit for a grand design that sits in an outdoor living space by the river.

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An Outdoor Fireplace by the River

Thinking of building a stone outdoor fireplace; using our kits can ensure a quality job, with time-tested performance. 

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Cheers – the Fire Farm Team