Why a Hybrid Burner May Beat All Brass

Beautiful all-brass burners come at a pretty penny, but what if we told you that you could have the same performance at a lower price point if you combine stainless steel tubing with the brass Venturi jets that produce that gorgeous flame? Behold, the Hybrid Stainless Brass Bullet Burner! Introducing a fresh, new choice when selecting your gas fire pit insert. 

A few years ago, responding to our customers’ requests for “better fire,” we found the Brass Bullet Burner from The Outdoor Plus. These magnificent, high-quality brass burners produced flames that were (and still are) astounding. The brass Venturi Jets individually mounted on brass tubing produced 50% bigger flame and used 30% less gas to do so. Win-win! 

Performance came at a cost, however. Those beautiful brass burners don’t come cheap, and for many they just don’t fit into the budget. This was doubly true post-pandemic when costs for just about anything seemed to keep going up. Don’t get us wrong, stainless fire pit rings are generally adequate for most fire pits (with the exception of locations near salt water) but once you see the glorious flame that brass is capable of, it’s hard to go back!

A hybrid stainless bullet burner in action with lots of flame

How is the Hybrid Burner the “Goldilocks” solution to the gas fire pit kit conundrum? 

Hybrid Burners from The Outdoor Plus provide the same “made in the U.S.A.” quality as their brass and stainless burners, but give the performance of all-brass for a price that’s almost 40% less. 

The Outdoor Plus starts with high quality stainless steel for the tubing — .065 wall thickness & 304 stainless steel construction — greater than most burners on the market for long burner life and warp-resistance. TOP burners also have a raised, tapered tube and multiple drain holes to release any water from the burner and keep it from filling up the gas lines. (Usually this results in a plumber having to come out and drain the lines at a cost to the customer.)

But the real stars of the show are the brass Venturi jets that produce those fantastic flame heights. These patented hybrid burners have Venturi jets that screw into the stainless steel tubing and work for both natural gas and liquid propane applications, but eliminate the need for an additional LP air mixer. 

The Hybrid Burner really is the best of all worlds. Great performance, fuel efficiency, at a price that fits more budgets. They look pretty, too… the sheen of stainless contrasts with the brass bullets and just looks sleek, functional and modern. These burners mean business and also carry a lifetime warranty!

Watch TOP’s burners in action here: 


But how do I order the correct fire pit insert kit?

Although there are a lot of options when choosing a fire pit burner, the process is truly fairly simple.

  1. Start with the shape and size of your fire pit. Whether you are installing a finished fire pit or building from a fire pit kit, the shape will determine the burner you need. If your pit is round, choose a triple-S or double ring burner. These configurations look the most natural. For long, narrow fire pits, choose a linear burner. For fire pits that have openings wider than 12″, look at H-type or racetrack burners. Once you’ve narrowed that down, measure your fire pit opening. Generally speaking, you’ll need a minimum of 3″ of clearance on all sides of the burner. So if you have a 36″ opening in your fire pit, then you’d want a 30″ burner. 
  2. Choose your burner material. Once you know the size and shape of the burner you want, then you can choose the material. All-brass Bullet Burners are the deluxe option and look beautiful while producing that amazing flame. Their longevity (no rusting) is a plus but remember all burners are normally covered with lava rock or glass so you don’t really see them once installed. Hybrid (Stainless Tubing with Brass Bullets) are the cost-effective compromise for great flame and fuel efficiency at a lower price (and have a lifetime warranty!). And, of course, the TOP Stainless Burners we offer on TheFireFarm.com offer excellent quality when price is the most important factor in your decision. The only exception to this is that if you’re installing a fire pit at a seaside location, consider all-brass to combat the degradation that comes from the salt-laden air.
  3. Flat Plate or Drop-in Pan? Your next decision is whether you want to mount your insert on a flat plate or a drop in pan. Either works well, but this decision comes down to cost and the final appearance of your fire pit. A flat plate is the more cost effective option, and sits deeper within the fire pit opening. Media (lava rocks, fire-safe glass or tumbled stones) is layered on top to give it a natural fire look. Conversely, drop-in pans typically cost more and have a lip which sits on the coping of your fire pit to contain the media you choose. Many people enjoy the clean, finished style of this look, while others prefer the depth and natural look of the flat pan.
  4. Lastly, choose your ignition method. For most people, a simple match-lit system works well. It’s bullet proof with no area for failure. They are tried and true and don’t involve extra parts which may require more service down the line. But you might prefer a push-button spark ignition, or in a commercial application, an electronic ignition system might be required to meet your code. Fire pits can run on either natural gas or liquid propane, but your ignition system kit will need to be modified based on the burner you choose and your fuel source.

A brass triple-s burner, a hybrid double-ring burner, and a round stainless burner.

Final tips:

One last important factor to consider is the distance of your fire pit from your fuel source. This distance determines the size of fuel line you will need and can significantly increase your costs. A licensed plumber should install the burner to make sure everything is safely connected.  It’s worth the peace of mind to sit back and enjoy your fire feature with your family and friends knowing everything is installed perfectly.

A gas fire pit can be a glorious addition to your backyard. Whether your outdoor lifestyle is “low, cozy flame” or “bring on the towering fire” — gathering around a fire pit fulfills some primal need in all of us. Take it step by step and we’re confident you’ll be able to find that “just right” solution that will give you the warm glow of fire you’re looking for. You might find the Hybrid Burner is the perfect choice for the gas fire pit you have in mind.

The team at The Fire Farm can help you guide you through the process. Give us a call at 203.270.2900 or e-mail Sales@thefirefarm.com and we will be happy to help you!