Outdoor Finished Fire Pits

We have partnered with the Outdoor Plus to provide you with top quality, made in the USA gas fire pit tables. Our gas outdoor finished fire pits feature the patented all brass Bullet Burner and  complete burner kit as well as a full line of stainless steel burners. Our gas fire pit tables are top quality with concrete features to last a lifetime and then some. The patented Bullet Burner provides 50% more flame with 30% less gas for more flame and a longer duration for family time. Who can beat that?!

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    Made In America

    Manufactured in the homeland!

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    High Quality Materials

    The Outdoor Plus concrete fire pits and tables are made with color matched GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete). With an endless variety of styles and shapes, your back yard gas fueled fire pit table or pit will surely please all tastes.

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    A Centerpiece for Your Outdoor Living Space

    A tabletop gas fire pit will become a centerpiece to your outdoor living space and adds convenience as well as an aesthetic appeal for you and your guests to enjoy.

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    Natural Gas Or Liquid Propane

    Suitable for either natural gas or liquid propane applications. Pair with the patented bullet burner for consistent flame every time.

CHESTNUT (not shown)-48"x48"x16"

OAK- 48"x28"x24"

IVORY- 48"x28"x24"

EBONY- 72"x36"x24"


Del Mar

RUSTIC COFFEE-48"x28"x15"
Del Mar

RUSTIC COFFEE-48" Round x15" Tall

Grove Flagstone

RUSTIC COFFEE-36"x36"x12"
Quad Concrete

Quad Concrete

Quad Concrete


CHESTNUT-Lip 48" Round x15" Tall


How To Choose The Right Gas Fire Pit Insert

The choice between a wood or gas fire pit kit alone, can be a hard one. However, once the choice is made for gas, choosing which gas fire pit insert to use can be confusing! Here are some things you will need to consider before starting your gas fire pit kit project.