Time to Prep Your Grill


It is one of our favorite times of year – Grilling Season! But before you marinate some steaks, you need to prep your stainless steel outdoor grill. Here are a few easy steps to ensure you’re ready to fire up the grill and start cooking outdoors. 



  • Check the propane – if your grill uses propane, check the hose to make sure it is secure so there is no leakage. Also, check to make sure the propane tank is full.  For those of you with larger grills, we always recommend a backup tank – running out of fuel during a party is no fun.
  • Clear the Cobwebs – spiders weave webs while your grill is snoozing over the winter. These webs will keep your grill from lighting. Take a wire brush and clean out those cobwebs! 
  • Don’t be a Mouse House – make sure you wipe everything down after every use and give your grill a really good cleaning. Over the winter, mice get in and eat remnants off the wires. No one wants to cook on a mouse house. So be sure to clean those wires with a brush and damp cloth. 
  • Clean the Charcoal – if you have a charcoal grill, make sure the replace the charcoal with new and clean out the bottom of the grill before adding new charcoal.
  • Give it a Test Drive – fire up your grill to test it out before grilling a meal for your family or friends.

If you are looking for a grill call us at 203.270.2900 to find a dealer near you or stop by and grill with us! 


– Dave and the Stone Farm Team



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