Plan your Outdoor Kitchen BEFORE Spring and Summer!

It’s might be too cold to bbq outside this time of year for some, but it’s the perfect time to start planning your outdoor kitchen. Like clockwork, every May homeowners frantically push their contractors to get their outdoor kitchens done before Memorial Day…..then comes the frantic push for July 4th. We have a limited time in the North East to enjoy our kitchens, which is why planning your kitchen in the winter makes sense. Some things to start looking into:

Accessories – you know you are going to get a grill, but what accessories do you want? We find these most popular:

  • Trash Chute with Trash Pull Out – for those who love to not only cook outside, but to prep out side, the trash chute is great. Typically the cover of the trash chute doubles as a cutting board, so you can cut your vegetables, then slide ride into the garbage.
  • Beverage Center – although a refrigerator can do the job, there is nothing like having access to a beverage center while sitting behind the bar, or serving at the bar. Easy access to ice cold beer, and chilled wine gives a nice touch to that outdoor bar feel.

Your Grill – if you are going to invest in an outdoor kitchen, you want a grill that will last as long as the structure you build. As all grill cut-outs are not the same, you can’t simply switch out a grill every few years (especially if you have stone counter tops cut). Take the time to look into:

  • Quality burners
  • Type of stainless steel used
  • ‘Weight of Grill’

Lay out – Sketch out that kitchen –many dealers offer a free 3-d diagram if you give them a sketch. It’s hard to visualize with a simple overhead view. Once you figure out your dimensions you can then ‘tape out’ on your floor (either outside, or in your basement if it’s too cold), and ‘walk’ the area. Email us if we can help you with this:, or go to our website for outdoor kitchen ideas.

Work on these items now, and you’ll not only be ready to grill once the Spring season hits, but you’ll feel confident in your investment.