Sweet Outdoor Kitchen area in large apartment complex in Connecticut

One of our dealers recently supplied this large apartment complex kitchen unit in Fairfield County, CT, with our outdoor modular cabinets and our stainless steel grills and accessories, for this giant outdoor kitchen area. The contractor did a wonderful job of incorporating a pergola into the kitchen, and even modified our cabinets to create a handicap accessible grilling area to accommodate ADA compliance regulations.

Outdoor Kitchen area at an apartment complex in Connecticut

Since this courtyard was the only ‘outdoor living space’ for the tenants, it was great to find out that an outdoor kitchen area was at the top of their list of ‘wants’ when signing their lease. I know I wish my old apartment complex had an outdoor kitchen like this!

Five contractors assembled all of the cabinets for this kitchen in one day. It would typically be quicker, but since the project was specified to have a radius curve, the rectangular cabinets had to be configured in a special way, and then board was added between the spaces to create the arch.

Curved Radius, with pergola posts built right through modular cabinets.
A section of the kitchen was lowered to become wheelchair accessible. ADA compliancy is a necessity for our industry. We believe in allowing everyone to access our enjoyable kitchens without limitations. With 32″ height and open area workspace for wheelchair accessibility that is able to double as a seating area, this kitchen accommodates everybody in the best way possible.