A Stone Farm Favorite – Newburyport, MA Project – 1. Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor living project in Newburyport, Massachusetts has quickly become one of our favorite projects to be part of. Landscape Designer, Mary Ann Fitzgerald , combined several different products that blended nicely throughout the property. This blog focuses on the Outdoor Kitchen, and several reasons why it’s one of my favorites of 2011:

1. A layout with a dual purpose – although the first picture gives the impression that it’s your typical ‘L’ kitchen, the long part of the kitchen also serves as separation between their entertaining area, and their pool area. As you can see in this picture below, this is not only a beautiful outdoor kitchen, but also a gorgeous retaining wall.

2. Separate eating area – many kitchens designs force an eating area to be part (attached) to the main part of the kitchen. This design separated a spacious seating area, and the finish clearly tied this section to the main kitchen.

3. Appliances – although the kitchen primarily featured Summerset Stainless Appliances, my favorite piece was a high temp burner manufactured by Firemagic. As the customer loved to do clam bakes and lobster boils, a high temp burner makes this process…….well, much less of a process. A typical burner could take up to an hour to bring a very large pot to a boil. With this appliance, a spontaneous lobster boil is much more likely to happen!

More pictures to come soon. Please call us with any questions, or if we can help you with your outdoor kitchen planning.


Products used in this outdoor kitchen: OxBox Universal Cabinets, New England Thin veneer stone, Bluestone Countertops, Summerset Stainless Appliances