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Although the grill is the \'heart\' of your outdoor kitchen - it\'s the accessories that make the functionality of your outdoor kitchen enjoyable.  Whether speaking to friends about an indoor kitchen, or looking back at outdoor kitchens we have designed, here are a few of our best sellers:

Side Burners

Side Burners are a great asset to outdoor entertaining, allowing the entire cooking process to be completed outdoors, creating a one-stop cooking station! Why go inside, when you can saute your vegetables and boil your pasta while grilling? SunFire side burners offer all stainless steel construction, high BTU brass ring burners, heavy stainless steel grates, and lid.

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The Basic Steps: Designing Your Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor kitchen building

Looking to invest in an outdoor kitchen to entertain friends and family? The outdoor living areas that people are designing today not only add value to your home, and allow you to spend more time with your family and friends. When designed efficiently an outdoor kitchen will bring your entertaining to an entirely new level.…

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