Challenger Outdoor Kitchen – 12 x 12 L Shape Platinum

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This kitchen is shown with the following options:
Toe Kick Toe Kick
Door Style Shaker
Countertop Aluminum
Appliances Sunfire 32" Grill, Sink 19", Side Burner, and Fridge 24" Outdoor Rated

A kitchen toe kick is the trim piece between the bottom base of a kitchen cabinet and the floor. They are sometimes also referred to as toe space.

Cabinets with toe kick kit have less leaves, grass clippings, and other debris underneath their new Challenger outdoor bbq kitchen island.

It also gives a custom-built aesthetic and hides the self-leveling island legs.

The Toe Kick Kit can be purchased additionally along with your order.

A shaker cabinet door is a common look for outdoor kitchen cabinets. It is constructed out of a flat central panel, surrounded by a raised square frame. This gives a traditional aesthetic.

Pan style doors are simply a flat surface and are much more minimalist. Pan style doors are often referred to as more modern due to their sleek look.

Both are a great choice when choosing a Challenger outdoor kitchen and is decided by the customer during the design process.


Aluminum: Pros-Lightweight, economical, low maintenance, easy to clean, and aesthetically pleasing, endless layout opportunities, endless appliance options.

Cons-Only 4 color selections,

Stainless Steel: Pros-Easy to wipe off grease and any spills, matches stainless steel appliances, sleek modern look.

Cons-Easily shows fingerprints, dust, and other organic stains when not wiped down frequently. Also, more expensive than the aluminum option, more laborious construction.

Natural Stone/Granite: Pros-Endless color choices, beauty of one-of-a-kind natural stone, a lot of color variation. Different finishing options like chiseled edges, leather finish, high gloss seals, and more, make this a great customizable choice.

Cons-most expensive option. Needs to be resealed every few years to prevent wear. Can chip and crack in winter climates if not maintained, most laborious construction and cost, longest to construct together.

The Fire Farm stocks the coastal collection from Challenger that is made to fit our 32" Sunfire Grills in either liquid propane or natural gas. Our Sunfire grills are a high-quality stainless-steel grill with a lifetime warranty. 

We would recommend customers consider our high-quality offering backed by Fire Farms unmatched support. Challenger will also build the coastal and custom series to fit any grill on the market meaning you can use your existing one as well.

With many options available on the market today, we would encourage customers to do their research and buy a quality grill backed with a strong warranty. We typically recommend a 304 construction grill.

The Fire Farm offers outdoor rated and non-outdoor rated options. We strongly recommend purchasing an outdoor rated refrigerator for your Challenger Island since this will be able to stay in your island all year long. With harsh winters and hot summers, the outdoor rated fridge will last the longest. 

There are different sizes and configurations available. A custom outdoor kitchen can fit any size fridge whether outdoor rated or not. A coastal kitchen can only fit a 21" fridge.

We recommend a 304 grade stainless steel sink because they simply don't rust. The Fire Farm has a few options depending on budget and size available. If you plan to purchase your own sink we will need to ship the sink to the manufacture for cut outs or simply, ups the template included in the box.

We highly recommend sinks also have to be winterized-water shut off, lines blown out once temperatures have reached under 32 degrees Fahrenheit for 2 days. If you do not have a water hook up in your kitchen, we do offer a battery operated on demand water pump that has cold water.

Side burners come in either a single burner or a double burner. They are great for melting butter, heating sauces, sauteing vegetables, and keeping things warm.

Power Burners have 60,000 BTU of power which makes them much more versatile. With a power burner you can boil pots of water for corn on the cob, potatoes, and crawfish boils.

There is also a Wok ring on the power burner so a customer can cook with a wok bowl(popular with Asian cuisine).