Outdoor Fireplace Kit Construction from Concept to Reality!

Picking a fireplace is the first step. The second step is the most daunting in our opinion- well use to be before our Stone Age Fireplace Kits became popular. Outdoor Fireplace Kit Construction- is so simple that they are finished and veneered within hours instead of days. With the spectacular fall season just around the corner, it’s time to turn our thoughts to “pumpkin everything”, spectacular leaf colors and cooler temperatures. How can we prolong our time outside to enjoy this wonderful change of season and at the same time hold onto some warmth during the process? An easily assembled, glowing outdoor fireplace! Keep reading for a overview step by step process for our outdoor fireplace kit construction process.
One of the best features of our Stone Age Outdoor Fireplace Kits is the simplicity of the building process. The kits include everything needed to construct the fireplace except the mortar. How easy is that?

Featured below, is a build out of a 48″ Contractor Fireplace kit in New Cumberland, WV

A good base is all you need to get this outdoor fireplace off the ground!
The sidewall phase is simple: stack & mortar. 
Getting into the process!
Topping it off with 3, 6″ chimney extensions.

The Outdoor Fireplace Kit Construction is complete–time for the natural stone veneer, chosen by the homeowner.


The veneering process moves along just as smoothly as the Outdoor Fireplace Kit Construction continues

The end result is one heck of an outdoor fireplace ready for fall!
The homeowner was simply thrilled with the easy process and end result of this project. He quoted,“We are happy we chose Stone Farm for this project and have recommended you to all who have asked about it. Sue and I have already enjoyed a few evenings by the fire.” 
Some of the highlights of the Contractor Fireplace include:
  • Use of temperature resistant, refractory concrete with solid wall construction and reinforcements.
  • Well designed draft, allowing for minimal smoke spillage
  • Easy assembly in 3 to 4 hours (not including adhering of veneer)
  • All units are tested to meet UL-127 & UL-103.
  • Available in 3 sizes: 24, 36 & 48″.
  • Fully customizable with arched or straight fire box top.
  • Outdoor Fireplace Kit Construction is easy to build within hours
Ready to roll and add one of these to your backyard setting? If you are located from New York to Maine, please call us for a quote at: 203-270-2900