Saber Premium 32″ Built In Grill

This infrared cooking system is unlike any other cooking system on the market. The Saber grill provides even cooking from the second you turn it on. With a quick heat up, the Saber Premium Grill has a patented infrared cooking system heats the surface not the air, for juicier more flavorful food. Say goodbye to dried out food when cooking on this grill.

The Saber Grill Line uses 30% less fuel than a traditional gas grill and gets to 700 degrees in 10 minutes even in windy conditions with the hood open! 

Grilling in the night? Not a problem with the Saber Premium. The Halogen lighting in the dome lights up your cooking surface and makes for a fun relaxed night of cooking. Check out the Saber Elite which has LED down lighting on knobs. 

The Saber Grill Line stands by its craftsmanship with Limited Lifetime Warranty, only the best commercial 304 grade stainless steel
construction, and state of the art reliable electronic ignition system. 

No Flare ups at all. Seriously! The Saber Elite Line does not have one flare up! Get to cooking steak, pork, chicken, fruits, and vegetables and there will not be a single flare up!

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