Outdoor Entertaining – Poolside Cabana in Newtown, Ct.

We’re excited to share pictures of this great outdoor space created by Sterling Associates and Landscape Unlimited, right here in Newtown, CT! The homeowner built their pool roughly 8 years ago, but wanted to add an outdoor entertaining area to keep the family out of the house and by the pool!  To do this they added a bathroom with a shower, an outdoor kitchen/bar area, pergola, and our outdoor stone fireplace. Together, the outdoor living space was transformed. 



Outdoor Kitchen and bar


 By using thin veneer, Sterling Associates could focus on construction, while Landscape Unlimited could focus on what they did best, masonry.  An outdoor fireplace kit was used to cut down on construction time, and enabled them to easily match thin veneer used on the cabana.

The pergola helped define an eating / living room area, and once vines are added, will add some protection from the sun. 


The homeowners can now spend hours in their Outdoor Entertaining area, without having to step a foot inside their house!