How to Create an Outdoor Kitchen Design in 5 Easy Steps!



Summer is fast approaching and many of you may be thinking about upgrading your backyard living space by adding an outdoor kitchen. What’s not to love about expanding your home’s entertaining space and enjoying more time outdoors with family and friends. It may seem like a daunting task, but Stone Farm can make this a simple and enjoyable process.

Here is how it works:

  1. The process starts with a simple sketch…nothing fancy. Provide us with a quick hand drawn sketch, including the dimensions. Our kitchen specialist will then transform your sketch into a 3D rendering.
  2. Decide between 2 cabinet options–1)cabinets custom made from perma-base or 2) a Stone Age cabinet system is made with concrete panels that require custom cutting on site.
  3. Choose a cabinet layout and fill it with your favorite stainless options such as a commercial grill, refrigeration, trash drawer, and storage.
  4. The grill of choice either a Sizzler, TRL or Alturi will then be decided upon and inserted into the layout.
  5. Work with your contractor or dealer to decide on the final veneering option as well as final installation details.


Straight cabinets Lead time for cabinets is approximately 2-14 days based on seasonality.



TRL38- ST Example of a finished 3D rendering.

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We hope this easy step by step has sparked your interest and imagination on how you can transform your own backyard this upcoming season! Additionally, we have our own in-house outdoor kitchen designer, Lauren DiMartino, who can help get you started and put your dreams on paper!

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